Mike Stonberg and Tom Moran founded Stonberg Moran, LLP with a simple purpose – to achieve results according to how our clients define “winning.” For most cases, our clients desire cost effective and high quality legal representation, counting on our experience to guide cases to resolution for the least total cost. We don’t consider it a win if a client overpays to achieve it. This guiding philosophy has delivered a track record of superior results with consistently predictable and reasonable costs; we’re proud to count many insurers and self-insureds among our longstanding clients.

We have been successfully defending against personal injury and property damage claims in New York City for 25+ years, specializing in premises liability, Labor Law, product liability, trucking/auto and construction defect. This experience allows us to understand early which cases should be resolved without incurring significant defense costs versus those that should be aggressively litigated. For those cases requiring aggressive litigation, including trial and appeals, our firm is built to deliver effectively and efficiently.